Gay marriage right approved in Ireland. The country becomes on Saturday the first in the world to allow gay marriage in a referendum, turning its back on conservatism ideology of the Catholic Church.

Gay marriage was legalized by referendum in Ireland Friday, with a large majority. 62.1% of the people voted for the right of Gay marriage. The official result was announced Saturday May 23. Ireland became the first country to adopt gay marriage by referendum.

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The YES for gay marriage won by 62.1%

Over 60% of registered voters participated in the referendum, the strongest participation in a referendum in Ireland for over 20 years.
Over 3.2 million Irish were asked to vote on a constitutional amendment proposing to allow “marriage between two people, regardless of their gender.”

This historic consultation, 22 years after the decriminalization of homosexuality in Ireland has led to heated debates in recent weeks. Reflecting the questions of Irish society against the conservatism of the Catholic Church, opposed to gay marriage.
This result came as a shock for the Catholic Church, which had actively campaigned for the NO to gay marriage. It also reflects the erosion of the Catholic Church influence on Irish society.

Ireland becomes the 19th country. The 14th in Europe to legalize gay marriage. It is however the first and only country to have done so by referendum, the other chose the parliamentary way.

Celebration of the gay marriage in the country

In Dublin, hundreds of people gathered in the grounds of a castle to celebrate the victory of yes, waving rainbow flags.

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“This is an incredible message to the world. This means that times have changed,” said Issa Olwengo 26 years.
Ireland, a country of 4.6 million people, voted in 1995 to legalize divorce, although there too was the Church’s opposition. Abortion remains prohibited in Ireland except when the life of the mother is in danger.

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