Illegal adoption and babies being stolen in India are ongoing problems that the country is starting to fight against. Would you like to adopt a child? You get one on your knees as soon as you ask for one.

In the premises of the now closed adoption agency “Fastrack International” on the outskirts of New Delhi, a baby or a child was sold for about $8,000 and no question was asked to parents.

Once the funds paid, potential parents could then review the helpless children and take them away on the same day, according to the police, who arrested the staff of the agency last month.

“You wanted a child? You get one on your knees as soon as you ask,” said a senior police official in New Delhi, Dependra Pathak, whose teams have dismantled the network.

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A register seized during the raid showed that 23 children had been sold in a few months and that 76 transactions were underway. They sated that some even involving kidnapped babies in hospitals with the help of doctors or nurses.

Illegal adoption: 15 children are missing each hour.

In India, more than 100,000 children are reported missing each year. This is about 15 per hour, according to official figures by NGOs.

If many of them are abandoned by their poor parents in the hope of offering them a better life, others are stolen from hospitals, railway stations and major cities.

According to experts, the adoptive parents are turning to the illegal adoption market because of interminable delays, too cautious administration and a very complex legislation. India has over one hundred registered adoption agencies.

Booming of illegal adoption in India.

Why wait when you can get one directly by paying money?

But “why wait two years for a baby when you can get one directly by paying money?” Noted Lorraine Campos. She is the assistant director of Palna, one of the oldest adoption agencies in Delhi, which also manages an orphanage. “Criminals have seen that they could enjoy the emotions of people. And they have accomplices in the administration,” she said.

She says she noticed a decline in the number of abandoned babies dropped in Palna. This agency handles 70 children and is recognized by the government. She fears that the networks of illegal adoption were able to extend their influence.

“If we simplify legal adoption, people will stop stealing babies”

The number of orphans or abandoned children in India is high, although no official statistics are available. But only 4,000 were legally adopted on the year end close of March, against 6,000 in 2012.

No known cases of illegal adoption appears to include foreign nationals. Last year, 374 children were legally adopted by foreigners in India, against 629 in 2011.

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Maneka Gandhi, the Minister for Women and Child Development, wants to reshape the system of adoption. She believes that parents wait for years and it is “shameful.” His project intends to simplify the process, including establishing a national monitoring register online and by encouraging parents to use it. “Legal adoption is so complicated that if we simplify, people will stop stealing babies,” she said.

All agencies will have to register at the central authority and the children they care for will be registered in a database. “For a registered agency, ten are actually not registered. We do not know what they do,” argued the minister.


Illegal adoption and stealing of babies in India

The public and adoptive parents are happy about the project.

Pramod Kumar Soni and his wife Pinki welcome the a project. They had run for two years to an absent administration, before finally see their hopes fulfilled through Palna.

After undergoing tests and treatments against infertility for 12 years, the couple had first contacted an agency near her home. Before giving up. They did not have sufficient resources, no document on children, no response over the duration of the process and its development. They showed interest only if you have a network or a person with influence.

“It was really horrible,” they said while watching a two-month baby boy with a beautiful black mane. Abandoned to Palna, the child will soon leave with the couple, once completed the last formalities.

Activist for the Rights of Children, Bhuwan Ribhu also welcomes the expected evolution of the legislation, arguing that the complexity of the current legislation, little respected, favors unscrupulous agencies who exploit vulnerable children.

“People are simply afraid to follow the legal adoption process. And it is difficult to prosecute organized criminal groups and more to get their sentence said Bhuwan Ribhu.

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The operation carried out in Delhi “is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Ribhu, who works for the NGO Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Movement to Save the Children).

During this recent dismantling operation, police acted as a couple and were offered a two year old boy in good health but “clearly traumatized”. “The boy had no idea where he came from or what happened to him,” says Pathak.

Illegal adoption in India is an epidemy which seriously need to be paid more attention too. Reshaping the legal adoptions processes is only one measure however it could motivate activists and the government to look more into the issue.

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