In a relationship, forgiveness is good, but being bossed around is not. They say love is blind and that’s true. However there are still some problems and behaviors that are better to quickly assessed if one does not want to get hurt.

10 things to NEVER tolerate in a relationship.

1- Everything is going in one direction. You listen to your partner. You advise. You help. You give your time and attention. You offer Gifts. You care about your partner. However you get almost nothing in return. You’re not a pigeon or a fish. You deserve someone who loves you as much as you love him/her back and makes you happy. You’ll find that elsewhere not in this relationship.

2- He/She is not interested about you. Your childhood? He never asked you question about it. Your passions? You bet it does not know (and especially does not care). Something good or bad happened in your life and he does not ask you about the way you feel. You may think “well he is just shy or he wants to take his time”! No you are wrong. He is simply not interested! So don’t waste to much of your time with this one.

3- He wants to change me. The horror! With our faults and qualities, each of us is unique, and that’s awesome! Indeed throughout the relationship, we might need to adjust or change some of our behaviors or habits. However when you are the only one doing the effort or always asked to change here and there, you might need to consider your options.

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4- He hides me. Having been with your partner for over 6 months and you have never seen nor his family or colleagues or friends (and obviously he does not care to meet yours), we say: “Flee”. Loving some one is to love him and his life and therefore know the important people within it.

5- He flirts with other girls. Either Mr. is a dumb, or he is playing with your emotions. In any even, Mr. better walk way. If you are not in an open polygamous relationship, that’s what we call a great disrespect.

6- He does not keep his promises. He lies, he is abusive (verbally or physically). Above everything, there should be trust and respect. Never tolerate such behaviors under any circumstances.

7- He is stingy. He is not generous with you. He hardly offers you anything or share anything with you. He only thinks about himself. Very very bad.

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8- He changes moods like socks. One day it’s true love. The next it’s ignorance. Is it a passionate relationship or a sign of a very unstable character? Maybe both … In any case, if you want to be happy and have your head straight, you have to make a decision right away.

9- He cares about me after 10 pm. Ok, He may have a busy schedule. But he shouldn’t make you believe that he cannot ‘have a Saturday afternoon off and dedicated to you! If it’s a friend with benefit kind of relationship then that’s clear enough. However, if you want more, then keep the door closed (with him out)!

10- It makes you cry more than laugh. The sure reason to leave. Now. Right now.