A lottery winner filed for divorce right after winning millions.

We all asked ourselves the question of what we would do if we won the lottery. Our first thoughts often come to help our family and have fun by buying everything they could not afford before winning. Well this is not the opinion of this man. Liu Xiang, winner of about 4.6 million yuan (640,000 euros), first filed for divorce from his wife. He did so without mentioning that he had won such a huge amount of money.

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An almost perfect plan for this lottery winner.

Last February, when this lottery winner realized that he had checked the correct numbers, he kept the secret and filed an express divorce procedure against his wife. Wife to whom he paid the sum of € 30,000, expected to cover the debts of the couple, to get rid of her as quickly as possible. Was this fast payment suspicious, no?

It is often said that money changes people! That’s what this woman will discover!

Once the divorce was officially pronounced, Liu went to cash out his winnings. This is not counting on a family friend, who was not aware of anything about the divorce and called the couple to congratulate them on their winning. However it’s the ex-wife of Liu who answered the phone and discovered the trickery. So she decided to sue her ex-husband and asked half of the gains.

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A coincidence or a master plan from this lottery winner?

The couple was officially divorced in July 2014. However, was still officially married when the ticket was purchased. Liu Xiang went cashing his new fortune the day after the divorce was pronounced. The man told the court that it was a “coincidence”.
But the judge, not so sensitive to this bogus excuse, ordered him to pay a quarter of his earnings to his ex-wife. A nice $ 1.15 million yuan (160,000 euros).

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