If everyone does not dream of having a chocolate bar as an abdominal. Many of us just want to have a firm, flat abs. For that, there are no secrets. It is necessary to make work the abdominal muscles composing this strap, which gives us a lot of pain! Here are a few tips for getting concrete abs.

Abdominal or abs, what is it?

Located between the thorax and the pelvis, abs belong to the category of striated muscles. That means, muscles whose action is conditioned to the will.

But it must be known that the abdominal strap is not composed of a single muscle, but of several. The great right, the oblique external, the oblique internal and the transverse. Together, these muscular structures ensure mobility and rotation of the trunk.  They also protect the spine, maintain the viscera…

Each one of them assumes different missions depending on its position and the depth of its implantation within the abdominal cavity. This is the reason why it is essential to apply these muscles independently of each other.

Which kind of exercises to do in order to muscle his abs?

To strengthen his abdominal belt, we must not leave nothing to chance. This is to avoid being disappointed with the mediocre results obtained.

To have a flat and well-drawn stomach, you will have to work each type of abs by practicing different exercises. No question, indeed, of muscling the transverse as the oblique or the great right. Each muscle group must be given special preferential treatment.

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In all cases, the abdominal muscles must be subjected to a voluntary contraction in order to strengthen themselves. This is why it is necessary to make series of abdominals more or less long according to its level. It is at this price that you will get the concrete abs of Gigi Hadid!
And it’s not necessarily because your muscles burn that your workout has been particularly effective. It is often the opposite!

How to do abs workout well?

If for many of us, performing abdominals at home is child’s play, be aware however that everything is not as simple as it sounds. Doing abdominal exercises regularly can have important consequences. Especially for your back, when exercises are not practiced in the proper way.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is preferable, for example, not to wedge his feet under the sofa or not to place his hands behind the head. On the one hand, the movements performed will not be effective. However, you will inevitably adopt a posture likely to affect, among other things, your cervical vertebrae.
Breathing also plays a crucial role when performing a series of exercises. Inhaling and Exhaling at the right time is essential and even contributes to the efficiency of muscle contraction.

How often do you do abs exercises?

How to do abs workout well

While the more motivated will tend to chain the sessions, others will adopt rather the technique called “hare to turtle”, claiming the right to episodic practice! A balance between these two extreme habits seems to be the best compromise. Neither too often nor not enough.

High-level athletes recommend performing abdominal exercises 3 to 4 times a week if you want to gain muscle.

To lose belly, it is possible to significantly increase the rhythm while chilling at beaches to rest. It is essential for the muscles to recover from the effort provided.
Should you be doing abs every day? Yes. But only if you adapt your training and follow programs specially designed for an ultra-regular practice. And to stay motivated, you can multiply the pleasures by using a few accessories, like the swiss ball or abdo trainer.