Could it be the women to do housework? The metaphor is successful while two women, Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom, are heading to succeed David Cameron after the chaos created by the vote for Brexit.

The path seems wide open for Theresa May. The UK Home Secretary is by far leading the race to succeed David Cameron as head of the Conservative Party and the government. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had announced his resignation following the victory of the “NO” to remain in the European Union.

Following a first round of internal vote, Tuesday, July 5, Theresa May confirms that she is the favorite for this double post. And at the second place is another female, Secretary of State for Energy and former banker Andrea Leadsom.

Two men out of the race after Brexit.

Five candidates were enrolled in a race by elimination. First, several rounds of voting, parliamentary Conservative eliminate candidates with least votes. It will then be to all the 150,000 holders of the party card to choose from the two finalists. And after the first parliamentary vote, Tuesday, July 5, the two most powerful candidates are well known. Theresa May has arrived well ahead, with 165 votes, ahead of Andrea Leadsom, 66 votes.

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The third member of the Government in the run, the Justice Minister Michael Gove, who had cut the grass under the feet of the leader of the pro-Brexit movement, the iconoclastic Boris Johnson, comes in third position with 48 voice. Because, spiteful, Boris Johnson had publicly supported Andrea Leadsom. In last place, Liam Fox is automatically eliminated. While Stephen Crabb, fourth, quickly announced his withdrawal.

Both immediately displayed their support for Theresa May, which further strengthens her leading position. The Interior Minister was positioned against the Brexit but had campaigned with closed lips. And she, since the referendum, donned the costume guarantor of party unity. Second place in the final round to face the candidates will be decided between Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove, who both campaigned for Brexit. With an advantage on paper to the Secretary of State for Energy.

The duel between May and Leadsom has already caused some beads sexism in the press. Including this comment on the BBC: “May and Leadsom may both be beautiful women, they have very different views.” A note retweeted by the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon with this comment: “Attitudes towards women in politic have improved, however this shows that there is still a long way to go.”

After Brexit, women to do the Housework when men created disorder.

Still, this feminine duel seems primarily seen as a revival, after a campaign on the very masculine Brexit in the British media. With 95% insurance now, a woman runs ahead in campaigns and a Conservative Party in UK, a metaphor comes in the press, which does not displease women in the workforce.

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“Men have created chaos, it’s now women to do the cleaning” notes Mara Delius, the German daily Die Welt, which enthuses that “the future of Europe lies most likely in the hands” of politicians Theresa May, but also obviously German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well Nicola Sturgeon, who firmly supports maintaining Scotland in the European Union and it must be this way.
In an article published by Newsweek, former Prime Minister of Iceland Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir was going in the same direction praising the female leadership embodied by Angela Merkel and Nicola Sturgeon – it was June 30, after the vote and before the Brexit Figure emerges Theresa May. “When I became Prime Minister of Iceland in 2009, after the economic crisis, I appointed an equal number of women and men ministers. Never before has a government had been joint, and I’m sure it made the difference to put feet on the Icelandic economy. ”

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir concluded: if we did not just “call women to do housework once men created disorder, I think the world would be much better.”

For women, it is important to see more women in positions of power and in a position to lead… it is still necessary that they “are concerned that so many women of power,” notes Sophie Walker, leader the new Women’s Equality party. It is true that the last woman to head the British Government, Margaret Thatcher did not leave good memories. And Theresa May as Andrea Leadsom now participate in a government practice for years of austerity, mainly at the expense of women.