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Why are people so interested in Forex Trading?

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Internet has opened an infinite field of new possibilities. Among them is Forex trading or commonly know as online trading or confused with stock market. For many years, investing in the financial markets or Forex trading was mainly done by banks and financial institutions. This means that trading in financial markets was not accessible or

Petrobras corruption, the scandal shaking Brazil

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Petrobas corruption, underneath the story. This is the largest scandal in the history of Brazil. The revelations about the widespread corruption by officials giant Petrobras undermine any country's economy and destabilize the political world. A president at the lowest in the polls, an economy increasingly seized and justice that multiplies the analysis of politicians and

United States loses sparkle as Europe shows signs of hope

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(Reuters) - Investors will cast a wary eye on the latest gauges of the United States' economic health this week, while troubled Europe shows early signs of turning the corner. As finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 top economies gather in Washington, on the sidelines of the International Monetary Fund's Spring

How Trading Forex Is Like Following Football

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For a seasoned trader, all the technical terms and information about forex become second nature, writes the head of dealing at Forex Time Limited. Forex can sometimes seem like a totally alien world to the fledgling trader who’s just learning to navigate his way through the technical lingo, ever-changing stats, and multiple strategies that go