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Abs workout: How to muscle his abs?

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If everyone does not dream of having a chocolate bar as an abdominal. Many of us just want to have a firm, flat abs. For that, there are no secrets. It is necessary to make work the abdominal muscles composing this strap, which gives us a lot of pain! Here are a few tips for

6 Quick Exercises for Hot Arms and Abs

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Check it—these compound moves will get you sexy arms faster than those old one-spot-at-a-time sets. "Maximizing the number of muscles that you use is a better return on your rep-vestment," says Noah Neiman, a master trainer at Barry's Bootcamp in New York City who has a devoted—and carved—following. Do three rounds of his circuit using

There Are Only Two Weight Loss Systems That Actually Work, Says Science

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The two programs with strong evidence of effectiveness were both high-intensity and well-rounded. (Photo: Getty Images)  If you’ve been thinking of dropping dough on a commercial weight-loss system, you may want to take a look at this research first. A new study from Johns Hopkins University shows that only two programs, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers,

5 Exercises Even The Best Trainers Won’t Do

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Explosive plyometric jumps and lifting huge racks of weight may be impressive, but those exercises aren’t for everyone. Lack of strength and flexibility or simple inexperience can quickly turn athletic bravado into a visit to the emergency room. In fact, there are a number of moves that the best trainers generally refuse to do themselves.

Simple weight-loss secret behind Lionel Messi ’s dramatic return to sparkling form

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With each passing week it seems that Lionel Messi scores another goal, breaks another record and assists Barcelona in battling it out on domestic and European fronts. Why, just a dew days ago he was hailed for one of the greatest performances of his life as Barcelona completely outplayed Manchester City in a classic Champions