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A mysterious disease in Nigeria kills 18 people in one day

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Since the beginning of last week, a mysterious disease in Nigeria, results in the death of 18 people, who died after 24 hours. If the Ebola virus has been removed, it is the hypothesis of a poisoning following an artisanal gin absorption that is now advanced the hypothesis of an herbicide. Mysterious disease in Nigeria

Xenophobic violence in Durban South Africa: Africa reacts

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Wave of xenophobic violence in South Africa, Durban began several weeks ago, has outraged many African countries. Most foreigners covered by this violence are from other African countries. In 2008, the country had experienced a similar wave of xenophobic violence, with attacks and looting of shops owned by foreigners. Different African countries are particularly outraged

Xenophobic attacks spread in South Africa

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(CNN) Johannesburg-South Africa - South African police fired rubber bullets Friday to disperse crowds setting immigrant businesses ablaze as attacks against foreigners spread to Johannesburg. Chanting and singing, machete-armed residents burned down shops owned by foreigners, including a Nigerian dealership in the nation's largest city. Immigrants carrying bricks accused police of not doing enough to

South Africans march against attacks on foreigners

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After weeks of violence, primarily in KwaZuluNatal, thousands expected take part in solidarity rally in Durban. Thousands of people are expected to attend a march in South Africa's coastal city of Durban in solidarity with the country's foreign nationals. The march, on Thursday, which includes religious leaders and concerned citizens, comes after weeks of attacks

Kenya Garissa students ‘taken hostage’ by al-Shabab

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Security forces have laid siege to the area around the university Gunmen have taken students hostage and killed at least 14 people at a university in north-eastern Kenya, aid workers and police say. About 30 others were wounded after attackers stormed a university in Garissa town. Troops have surrounded the campus and are engaging the

Guinea declares Ebola ‘health emergency’ in five regions

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Guinean President Alpha Conde has declared a 45-day "health emergency" in five regions in the west and south-west of the country over Ebola. The restrictions include the quarantining of hospitals and clinics where new cases are detected, new rules on burials and possible lockdowns. The Ebola outbreak began in Guinea in December 2013. In January,

Millions of Nigerians come out to vote in tight poll

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Voters brave sun, insecurity and queues but presidential election extended to Sunday in some areas after tech glitches. Nigerians turned out en masse on Saturday to vote in what is expected to be one of the tightest presidential races in their history between incumbent Goodluck Jonathan and former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari. Analysts are calling the poll a