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Russian Army: USA is now worried about their new capabilities

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Military reform has given Russia new superior capabilities compared to those of the EU states. The US military is now worried about those facts. The Russian army in Syria is better equipped than ever before. Russian army conducts airstrikes in Syria. They sends bombers in the sky, performed on every few weeks. They also perform random checks

Yahoo in trouble with the law in New York

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Yahoo caught by New York Attorney General Investigations for its sports betting services online. Online sports gambling sites are currently in the New York Attorney rifle scope. Especially those operating in the New York market. He decided to go and conduct some investigation against Yahoo sports site. This is particularly what has been revealed by

Donald Trump in the race to the White House

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The billionaire Donald Trump, known in the US for his outspokenness, started Tuesday, June 16th his race for the US presidency. He is the twelfth in the list of declared candidates for the upcoming elections. US billionaire Donald Trump, real estate mogul and television personality, announced Tuesday, June 16, that he was running for the

Number of people killed by the Police in USA

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To overcome the lack of comprehensive statistics on police brutality in the United States, journalists launched a count of those killed by the Police. This statistic revealed that the Black and Hispanic communities are the most affected. Since early 2015, more than two people were killed every day by the police. Some victims of burrs,

Adult Friend finder hacked and 4 millions users data published

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Adult Friend Finder Networks recognized last Friday a "potential safety problem" after media reports that the personal data of 3.9 million users have been stolen by hackers. The data revealed include sexual orientation, their Internet addresses, user names, birth dates, postal codes and IP addresses of their computers. Read also: The end of internet is

BlackBerry New wave of layoffs

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Blackberry, the Canadian smartphone maker struggles to return to profit. BlackBerry, which had conducted in late 2013 to many layoffs, announced it would layoff again some employees in software, hardware and applications. "We decided to consolidate our activities in software, hardware and applications, which will impact a number of employees worldwide," wrote the group based

Hillary Clinton Emails on the attack in Benghazi were published

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Hillary Clinton Emails on the attack in Benghazi were published on Friday. The 300 Emails published concerns the attack on Benghazi. The US State Department released Friday some professionals emails sent by Hillary Clinton from her personal Email box while running the diplomacy. We now know more about the highest level of communications in the

@POTUS the new Barack Obama twitter account

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@POTUS stands for (President Of The United States) is the official twitter account of Barack Obama. The US President Barack Obama now has his own Twitter account. Father, husband and 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama now has its own personal Twitter account @POTUS. "Hello Twitter! It's Barack, "commented US President Monday morning

The Google car will be launched in this summer

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The Google car, without steering-wheel and pedals will be ready to hit the roads this summer in California. The US giant announced that 25 new models of its autonomous Google car can drive on public roads of California. Until now, Google cars in circulation are existing models, equipped by Google. Read also: Facebook: Why do

Freedom of the press Obama speaks his mind

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Freedom of the press Barack Obama defend the cause. The US President Barack Obama on Friday denounced the attacks against freedom of the press around the world, receiving three journalists from countries which "severely limit" "crucial"component to democracy: Ethiopia, Vietnam and Russia. "In too many places around the world, the freedom of the press is

The investigation on the death of Freddie Gray concluded a homicide

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The investigation on the death of Freddie Gray, a Black man who died following his arrest by six policemen Baltimore, concluded Friday in a homicide. Six police officers must answer for several charges including murder and willful violence. The death of Freddie Gray, a young black man died a week after being unceremoniously arrested by

Police violence: Thousands of protestors in Baltimore streets

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Police violence in America, thousands of protestors in Baltimore street Thousands of people have been protesting peacefully against police violence on Wednesday in Baltimore. In New York and several cities in the eastern United States protestors to demand justice after the death of Freddie Gray, a young Black man and protest against police violence. The

HIV cases increased in Indiana related to the injection of painkillers

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HIV contamination  spread in Indiana USA. A small community of Indiana, in the northern United States, suffered the consequences of injecting more and more strong painkillers to the population. This led to an explosion of cases of HIV contamination, authorities said Friday. 142 new cases of HIV have been identified since the beginning of the

US presidency: The four challenges Hillary Clinton must overcome

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Hillary Clinton ended the suspense on Sunday and officially announced her candidacy for the US presidential election in 2016. Four challenges ahead of her which she needs to overcome in the race for the White House. By announcing Sunday 12 April, her candidacy for the US presidential election in 2016, Hillary Clinton knows she on

Moscow protests after the arrival of US soldiers in Ukraine

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The Kremlin said he disapproved the presence of US soldiers which arrived Ukraine to lead and train the National Guard of the country. According to Moscow, the arrival US soldier in Ukraine may "seriously destabilize" the situation in the region. The presence of 300 paratroopers to Ukraine to train soldiers of the Ukrainian National Guard

Study finds illegal immigrants pay $11.8B in taxes

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A new nationwide study on the fiscal implications of illegal immigration concludes that millions of undocumented immigrants are paying billions of dollar in taxes into state and local coffers, and that substantially more would be generated if President Obama prevails in imposing a new executive order protecting many of those workers from deportation. An Open

EU accuses Google Shopping of search abuse

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The European Union has filed a complaint against Google over its alleged anti-competitive behavior on the search abuse. The competition commissioner said she had issued a "statement of objection", stating that the firm's promotion of its own shopping links amounted to an abuse of its dominance in search. Margrethe Vestager said Google now had 10

South Carolina police charged after black man shot dead

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  A white South Carolina police officer has been charged with murder after video emerged of him shooting a black man running away from him. State investigators arrested North Charleston police officer Michael Slager on Tuesday after viewing the mobile phone video of the shooting. Authorities say victim Walter Lamer Scott was shot after the

Rand Paul announces he is running for president

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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul made it official Tuesday, announcing that he will run for president in 2016. "I have a message, a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words," Paul told supporters during a fiery speech at the Galt House in downtown Louisville, hours after announcing his bid for the White