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Why do we groan when making love ?

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The question is worth asking. While making love or having sex, one often tends to express it. Moans, whispers or sharply cries. The pleasure is understood! But have you ever wondered why these sounds come out of your mouth when you are doing well? A question worthy of interest, which scientists have long considered. Here

10 things to NEVER tolerate in a relationship

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In a relationship, forgiveness is good, but being bossed around is not. They say love is blind and that's true. However there are still some problems and behaviors that are better to quickly assessed if one does not want to get hurt. 10 things to NEVER tolerate in a relationship. 1- Everything is going in

Women take more decisions than men in relationships True or False?

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Women take more decisions than men in relationships True or False? What is your opinion? A recent Ipsos Health / Bayer HealthCare survey found that in areas related to private live and relationships, young women aged 20 to 35 are more decision makers than their male counterparts. Indeed, for married couple for example, 87% of

8 tips for a happy relationship

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A happy relationship is not necessarily just about living the moment and having a good time. Relationship are usually planned to last for a long time or forever as many couples say to each other. What could be done to improve your relationship a strengthening further o be able to say, Yes, I am in

50 Rules For A Happy Marriage

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Tips and advice from couples who're nailing it every day With the divorce rate mighty high and marriage the butt of every sitcom joke, it's hard to believe that there are couples out there who are happy, in love and totally enjoying the marriage thing. But as wedding season hots up, it's always nice to

6 Sex myths we should all stop believing

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When asked what the myths around human sexuality are, human behavior specialist and international author Dr. John Demartini points out that the topic of human sexuality is so broad that myths abound. Here are some of the most common. 1. Getting married will automatically change your sex life Many people think: "When I get married