The CEO of Affactive and Revenuejet, owner of Winpalace and Casino Titan in held in Custody in USA. Their casinos are no longer available on the web.

This is a real bomb that has just broken into the online gaming industry this weekend! Indeed, Israel Hayom news has revealed that American and Israeli authorities carried out an unprecedented wave of arrests in their territories following the hacking of the US bank JP Morgan Chase. The hacking of the US bank happened last summer.

This attack is one of the most important cyber crime cases in the history!

You may be thinking, how this is related to online casinos? Patience, patience, we getting to it.
It seems that one of the two men that has been arrested and placed in police custody, is the CEO of the firm Affactive. This company may not ring a bell. However you probably know better the online casinos of this group. Casino Titan, WinPalace, Slots Jungle, Golden Cherry, Jackpot Grand, Grand Macau, Slots of Fortune, WinPalacePlay or Begado. Back on one of the biggest scandals in the industry of gambling and online casinos.

A cyber attack worthy of a blockbuster by the CEO of Affactive

In August 2014, the largest US bank JP Morgan-Chase, was the subject of an unprecedented cyber attack. Data millions of customers of the financial institution had been stolen. These data were found to be extremely sensitive because their contained the names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of a large part of the clientele of the US bank. It is thus almost 76 million customers and 7 million SMEs in the US who were impacted by this cyber attack.

By then, the FBI already suspected the two men and had ordered the Israeli authorities to conduct a real investigation on its two citizens. Following this operation, the unit of cybercrime in the country, Lahav 433, apprehended the two Israeli hackers, Gery Shalom and Ziv Orenstein.
The two men were taken into custody at the request of the North American authorities. In recent call for the extradition of the two to the US land so that they can answer for their crimes in US courts.

Affactive group: The reputation of the e-gaming industry struck in the heart

The charges that overwhelm the two thugs are numerous.
Laundering several million dollars, manipulation of stock prices and penny stocks and illegal operations linked to the Bitcoin currency.

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The Israeli authorities announced that they had found nearly 2 million in cash during a search of the homes of the accused. Two other individuals, apparently related to the case, were also arrested that week in the US state of Florida.
A fifth man had managed to escape to Russia looking for shelter. This country does not have an extradition agreement with the United States.

Although we are only at the stage of speculation, rumors are becoming stronger by the hour. All indications are that one of two men arrested is indeed the CEO Affactive group which has a handful of digital casinos.

From the time their arrests had been announced, all casinos of the group are no longer accessible on the web. We will keep you informed of the case in the coming days.

CEO of Affactive group arrested. Rogue Casinos | Netnewstimes