Denmark is faced with the great weakness of his birth. The country is moving heaven and earth to encourage residents to reproduce.

“Do it for Denmark”

If you do not do it for you, do it for the country. Faced with the extreme weakness of his birth, Denmark is not short of ideas. Spies, the tour operator industry of Thomas Cook, has just designed for the Danish market an advertising campaign called “Do it for Denmark“. Noting that 10% of Danish were conceived during a holiday abroad. The company offers a “ovulation promotion” If a couple reserve a holiday during a time for fertilization, it will benefit for a reduction. And if the couple then sends evidence that the trip was successful, a stroller and three years free pampers will be offered.

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1.67 children per woman

The initiative follows a series of measures taken by the Government. The low birth rate is a long-standing real social problem in the country. The threshold of 2.1 children per woman which allows the renewal of generations, has not been achieved since 1969.

In 2013, the birth rate even fell to 1.67 children per woman. Figures reflect a reality that, in addition to empty kindergartens as shown campaign Spies, threaten the social system of the country. The number of workers will soon be insufficient to fund pensions.

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The authorities have seized the issue.

The Minister of Education recently issued a statement indicating the government’s intention to “focus on a broader and more positive approach to health and sexuality. This will be done to discuss the joys and the risks it brings. The patriotic alone is not enough.

Denmark invented the Patriotic sex | NetNewsTimes