Talking during sex can bring a little spice to your lovemaking. Here are some tips for fans of “dirty talk” and “sweet talk”. From now on, you can let yourself go in bed with your partner!

What would you like me to do?

This small question will get your partner on and will help you to set to mood. For the timid, this sentence contains no explicit vocabulary but rather attention. Your partner answer may surprise you and give a new twist to your nights. She might turn on the heat that has been frozen for a while.

Dirty talk: I love when you…

Please feel free to say what you would like for your partner to do (and how). A positive response will give him more confidence and the chance for him to do what you love so much. In the future he might just do it even more. This tip will be most effective if at the time he did these things you tell him after “I love when you do this to me.” Dirty talk or sweet talk, choose the best way to say it.

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I love your (body part)…

Men are not as complimented as women on their body parts. They also have their small complexes and they like to hear you say how attractive they are. If you like his arms, abs, legs or buttocks, please tell him in bed and you can be a little sweet or dirty talk. It’s now or never to use compliments to multiply its power of seduction and sexual performance.

I want you.

You can also say “I want to make love with you”, “I want to fuck you” or similar words… Choose what will make you more comfortable. The most important is that your partner understands how you like sex with himher.
Especially do not say to yourself “that, he/she already knows that” because firstly, this is not always true, and second, it does not hurt to repeat it at the right time.

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You turn me on.

It’s easy to tell if a man is aroused, but he may have doubts about your level of excitement. Tell him when and why he turns you on. Your heart races, or even better, your vagina is hot and wet. At the same time you whisper those words to him. take his hand so he checks for himself.

Dirty talk: I would like to, I want to … (any kind of torrid acts)

Only you know what he likes in bed, isn’t it? Tell him how much you love to do all these things to him. If you use dirty talk, that’s even better. However, avoid using diminutives words or taking a little baby voice. This may seem very cute, but this is not the time to be cute…

Sweet or dirty talk: Make me… kiss me there… Fuck me harder…

It’s time to turn yourself into dominatrix! You know what you want then direct him with specific orders and guide him on how you want it. To be touched, held, kissed and more. Do not worry about going a little overboard. In bed, he won’t hurt at all to receive orders from you. It’s the total opposite…

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Oh… Yes… (followed by first name of your partner)

Repeating the name of the caller is a trick used by good sales and advertising officers. In a more intimate setting, repeating your partner’s name during the act will give him more confidence. This way, he will know that you are focused on the pleasure that only HE is currently providing.

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