Tough competition between E-sports and Online casinos. Who will be the winner?

The E-sports is starting to attract a wider audience. This concept of professional video game has spread around the world in a very short time. Faced with this growing market, online casinos operators are wondering whether this new trend is a business opportunity or whether it is the triggering element of their decline?

As quote by, Esports is a new way to gamble online. But could it compete against online casinos?

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E-sports now has a place in the iGaming market.

Many people think that E-sports has no place in the market of online casino games. This is far from reality because a dozen of online betting platforms now offer electronic sports competitions. This is the case of bookmakers such as Bwin, Netbet or 888sports.
This presence in the sector has been strengthened by the explosion of online betting on mobile version. Meanwhile, a new generation of players has emerged. Several gaming platforms have seized this opportunity to conquer new customers. Many online casino leaders keep an eye on what’s new on the web, especially on the advance of E-sports.

By combining various types of bets on their website, they are more likely to grow along with the trend. Which is not the case for those who choose to propose only one type games. The risk of disappearing one day is greater. They must turn to a multidisciplinary gambling site in order to continue to exist.

iGaming needs to adopt E-sports.

The adoption of E-sports in the iGaming industry is inevitable. It becomes indeed the only means by which online casino operators could remain competitive in the market in the next few years. They must be able to provide the services corresponding to customer demand.

This is a good way they can use to attract the attention of Internet users of new technology enthusiasts who are passionate about video games. Many online betting platforms have already announced to be ready to adopt this new concept. There are also those who are against E-sports. They can rely on a different strategy in order to stay on the market. But to keep on growing they must target a new type customers.

Where to place bets on E-sports events?

Visit these accredited betting platforms to learn more about E-sports or place bets on available events.
Netbet sports, Bwin sports, 888 Sports.