The question is worth asking.

While making love or having sex, one often tends to express it. Moans, whispers or sharply cries. The pleasure is understood! But have you ever wondered why these sounds come out of your mouth when you are doing well? A question worthy of interest, which scientists have long considered. Here are their conclusions.

A study that says it all has been made.

In a study on the subject dating from 2011, English researchers conducted a survey of about one hundred women between the ages of 12 and 52. It turned out that more than half of them would confess to making more noise to speed up their companion’s excitement, and thus, ejaculation. 92% of women also admit to doing so to reassure him about his sexual performance.

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Why do men make less noise when making love?

According to the sexologist Pierre Desvaux, the moans and other noises emitted during the act would seem more to concern women than men. The gents being more silent in bed. “Men are traditionally great mutes,” confesses the doctor. On the contrary, when a woman takes pleasure, she communicates it. A way of expressing her pleasure, avoiding making it known in words, which might come out too raw.

And solitary pleasure?

Why do we groan or make noise when making love
Yet, when we exclude her partner a few minutes, we realize that during masturbation also, we emit a few small noises. How to explain it then? According to Dr. Devaux, it would be a way of communicating with oneself, in order to amplify the self pleasure.