Sex is not an important key of happiness. In fact having sex does not make us happy. To be happy, it would be better to build an environment that triggers excitement…

Does having sex more often makes us happier? Not necessarily. Quality is better than quantity. You may actually lose the desire of sex and pleasure. This is the result of a survey published in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (USA).

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The researchers observed 64 married couples, aged from 35 to 65 years. this group of volunteers were divided into two. The first received no instructions from researchers however they asked the second group to have two times more sexual intercourse per week than usual.

Sexual desire decreases faster than the pleasure derived from sex

For three months, all couples had to record their number of sex acts in parallel and evaluate their desire, their level of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. The researchers drew on the responses to support their conclusions. The second group, which has been encouraged to make more love, showed a drop of desire, pleasure and low happiness level.

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The authors of the study state that the desire could have been manipulated because of the conditions of the experiment. The researchers have been able to disrupt the participants requiring them to have more sex rather than incite or encourage them.

The doctor Tamar Krishnamurti, author of the study, also emphasizes that the important thing would be on the way you have sex or make love not how often you do so. When libido starts to decrease, sexual desire decreases faster than the pleasure generated by sex. So instead of wanting to have more sex like when you were young, couples should start by creating an environment that trigger excitement and makes it fun to have sex. “