Who is behind the creation of this new hashtag Hold A Coke With Your Boobs Challenge?

The hashtag #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge is going viral on the net for about a month. But where exactly does it come from and who is behind it? Story of a challenge that has eluded its followers.
Hottest Deals On Refurbished Apple Products | JemJemYou surely must have seen one of these pictures on your Facebook or Instagram feed. A proudly topless young woman  exposing a can of coke magically holding between her breasts. All accompanied by the following hashtag Hold A Coke With Your Boobs Challenge.

A hashtag reinterpreted by Internet

An ad for Coca cola? Indirectly, yes. But the famous brand of soft drink does not seem to be the cause. A prevention campaign against breast cancer? It is in the process of becoming, but the hashtag was not conceived for that purpose. Read also: Top 10 mistakes women make in bedroom

For what purpose then? Good question. According to our colleagues of Metro UK, the hashtag was launched first on the Facebook account of Elite Talent Referral, a modeling recruitment agency specialized in pictures for adults. Two models are also claiming paternity of the movement and are surely among the first to publish the message with the hashtag Hold A Coke With Your Boobs Challenge on April 29.

Far from the fight against breast cancer, the goal was first of humor and desire to make fun of these other challenges that went viral on Facebook last year. It was clearly explained on Tuesday by Jaxx Gemma and Danny Frost, two models of the agency, from the Facebook account of the opened challenge. Last year, a huge number of people and celebrities took part in the Challenge Ice Bucket or Cock your Sock Challenge.

When we started the challenge, it was to make fun of the other challenges we see on social networks. We did not think it was going to work. And then it did. And women have begun to take ownership of the hashtag explaining that it was for the fight against breast cancer. It was not the reason why we did it, but if it can serve a good cause, that’s fine, said the two girls on Facebook.

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Men also get involved with Hold A Coke With Your Boobs Challenge

Today, many American women, French or Russians, are posting pictures of themselves trying to fit a can of coke between their breasts and call for donations to the research and not to neglect mammograms.

Far from remaining quiet, men, who may also be affected by breast cancer to 1% of them have recently joined the challenge. Although cheating with tape where some women are well gifted by mother Nature, they are going far beyond with the use of an entire bottle of soda.

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