I want to be single with you. Let’s be single together or single as a couple.

I want you to go have a beer with your friends. Whether you have a hangover the next morning and you’re asking me to come to you because you feel like having me in your arms. I want to talk in bed with you in the morning about all sorts of stuff, but sometimes in the afternoon, we decided to take different path for the day.

I want you to tell me your evenings with your buddies. Tell me stories about a girl at the bar who made lots of eyes contact with you. Text me when you are drunk with your friends and tell me whatever you want just to reassure yourself that I am also thinking about you

I want to have fun and laugh while making love with you. Let’s start laughing because we try new things and it just does not make sense. I want us to be with our friends, that you take me by the hand to another room because you can not stand it anymore and you just want to make love to me right now. I want to try to stay quiet when there are ears around that could hear us.

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I want to eat with you and that you make me talk about me, you talk about you. I want us to disagree while having fun about sport’s team or weather. I want us to imagine the house of our dreams, knowing we probably never move together. That you tell me about your plans which don’t have neither tail nor head. I want to be surprised. To make me say, take your passport, let’s go.

I want to be afraid with you. To do things I would not do with some else, because in you I trust! To get home drunk after a good evening with friends, fuck and fuck everything. That you take my face, that you kiss me.

I want you to have your life. Whether you decide on a whim to travel a few weeks. That you leave me here alone bored and send me a message with your face on Facebook just to say “Hey”.

I do not always want to be invited into your evenings and I feel like I do not always want to invite in mine. All this so the next day you can tell me about your evening and I will tell you about mine.

I want to be single with You

I want to be single with you. Do you want to be single with me?


I want something that will be both simple and at the same time not so simple. Something that will make sure that I often ask myself questions, but the minute I’m in the same room with you, I know the answer.

I want you to find me beautiful. You’re proud to say that we are together. I want to hear you tell me that you love me and I especially want to tell you in return.

I want you to let me walk in front just so you watch my ass moving left to right. That you let me scrape the windows of my car because my butt wriggle and it makes you smile.

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I want to make plans not even knowing whether they will be realized. Being in a relationship that is anything but clear. I want to be your good buddy, the one with whom you love to chill and be with.

I want you to keep your desire to flirt with other girls, but you come back to me to finish your evening. Because I will want to be with you too.

I want to be the one with whom you love making love to and fall asleep. The one that stays away when you work and loves so when you go in your world when listening to your favorite song.

I want to live a single life with you. That our life as a couple is the same as our lives today as single, but together.
I want to be single with You.

One day I’ll find you.