An investigation for tax evasion initiated by Brazil against Neymar transfer.

Neymar at the center of attention on and off the football field. The Brazilian authorities will open an investigation for tax evasion in the transfer of striker with FC Barcelona. A case that has already taken the leaders of the Catalan club to the Spanish justice.

According to documents from the Department of Finance, reproduced Saturday by the magazine Epoca, a request for verification of the company’s accounts Neymar Sports & Marketing, led by his father, was requested by the customs authorities. They want to know the origin of “atypical movements” of funds of approximately 115 million reals (about 33 million euros) from Barça to Neymar Sports & Marketing between 2011 and 2013.

Tax invasion is a criminal offense.

Ironically, the sale of Epoca took place just before the final in Barcelona’s Champions League victory against Juventus Turin, Berlin, with Neymar who signed a third goal (3-1).

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According to the newspaper, the tax authorities have already investigated the property of the company in Brazil and could use some data in a criminal case. On May 29, FC Santos, Neymar football club before his transfer to Barça, also decided to sue Fifa, Neymar father and son and the NP & M company for irregularities in the cost of the transfer.

The authorities are questioning “atypical movements” of 33 million euros from the bank account of the football club Barcelona to the company of the father of the striker.

Investigation for tax evasion initiated against Neymar | Netnewstimes