Why men do not flirt anymore? Or should we ask, why do good men do not flirt anymore?

This could be considered as the curse of the decade. Nah what am I saying… The curse of the century.

Nowadays, around me, far or close, men do not flirt anymore.

Well let’s not generalize. Some still do flirt. They are even specialist in flirting. They try to flirt with all the women who cross their paths, even with those who are not in their leagues. It’s more like fishing for them, “we will select after”.

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But the other men “good” in particular do not flirt anymore.
To our despair for us women. “But like me you do not like men who flirt with every girls right? Yeah I think I heard you said that…
Let me correct myself, we do not like jerks. That’s how I like I call them

However we like men who know what they want, with goals, plans, hard working, smart, soft inside and who even fight for what they want.

Some men still do flirt


some men  flirt

Let’s look for two seconds at the type of I guy I call jerks. Why it’s seems to always be working for him with women? Why is it that despite the lack of fineness, he uses and abuses life tricks, confidence and the same old speech that we heard a thousand times? Why, despite everything, he still attracts again and again?

Well the answer is simple: he expresses his desire.

For a second, a minute, an hour, a life … he told the woman in front of him that she is the one and only, and that there exists no other like her.
This is not just a women’s trap. It’s a real human trap .
Every person on this earth dreams of being the one and only, the best… in the eyes of another human being. Some could believe that we were born for this.

So, to hear it, even if we do not always believe him 100%, finally gives the impression of having touched the end of the Holy Grail search.
And bam, here goes the jerk getting a max of girls. They figured it all out “well… almost).

But if women began to use the same method (and yes, I can tell you some do), they would get a max of guys.
I repeat: This is not just a women’s trap. It’s a real humans trap

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However now, some men, “the good guys” no longer flirt or express their desire.

I can hear you thinking … Why should only men express their desire, right? Why should they do all the work? Because they are men?
No of course.
It is evident that women must also participate in the festival. Expressing their desires, feelings, there is nothing more tasty and, moreover, women of my generation do not feel shy of doing so. I know many (me ahead) who express their needs, feeling and desire openly and efficiently.

But men… not so much. They wait. Turning around the bush. Setting signals without properly assuming them. Fold into their clothes. And suddenly express nothing at all.

Basically, they leave all the work to the ladies. And often these ladies just remain spectators of a game they could participate if these men can take charges.
It is good to feel wanted. But it is also good to say what we desire.
There is nothing more attractive, sexy, addictive than a man who looks at you straight in the eye and says “I want you.”

For a second, a minute, an hour, a life… who cares. He wants me. Yes me, not another one.

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Ok guys, I can hear you all now that there is a risk. Yes, we can “No” in response. That we do not want you. Yes, it hurts. But that’s just the rule of the game. And on this rule, men and women are exactly equal.
So it would be nice not to leave all the work to women.
And no, these ladies do not think of you as a jerk. The difference between you and the big jerks is in the honesty of the process.

I want you, you, and not another one. Say it

At worst, the answer could be NO and your life will not change.
On the other hand, the answer could be yes …
And then… I will let you imagine the rest…