Traditional Italian mafias are now focusing on corruption instead of violence. Focusing on an “infiltration strategy” of economic, political and institutional circles, analyzed Tuesday the head of the Investigative Directorate Antimafia (DIA), Nunzio Antonio Ferla.

The killings perpetrated by criminal organizations have “declined sharply for 10/15 years”. However the mafias are “extraordinarily skilled in adapting to all territories and social places”. Areas where they are increasingly seeking to “Increase their capital”, Ferla told a press conference. According to the National Institute of Statistics (Istat), illegal activities generated a turnover of about 16.5 billion euros in 2013, or about 1.1% of Italian GDP.

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To counter a “so powerful and mutant enemy”, the DIA focused this year on “controlling tenders, fighting money laundering and attacking illicit heritages”. In total, property seized from the mafia amounts to more than 2.6 billion euros in 2015, and definitive confiscations to more than 500 million.

The construction sites of the Milan World Exposition have been carefully monitored, leading to the establishment of a “method” to “remove the appetites of mafia companies” from future major projects, assured the deputy director of police Matteo Piantedosi.

For the interior minister, Angelino Alfano, the “Italian model” is summed up as an “essential trinomial”: arresting fugitive criminals, tightening their conditions of detention and confiscating their property. “The mafias kill less but corrupt more,” confirmed the president of the anti-Mafia parliamentary committee, Rosy Bindi, wondering however whether it should be seen as “a proof of their ability or the fragility” of a hard-hit society by the crisis.