Petrobas corruption, underneath the story.

This is the largest scandal in the history of Brazil. The revelations about the widespread corruption by officials giant Petrobras undermine any country’s economy and destabilize the political world.

A president at the lowest in the polls, an economy increasingly seized and justice that multiplies the analysis of politicians and the business community. This scandal is Brazil Petrobras “corruption”, the largest company in the country.

For over a year, crazy revelations about a giant scheme of Petrobas corruption, bribery, and illegal funding of politicians just keeps scratching the image of a Brazil. It was not so long ago that Brazil had somehow managed to combine economic growth and protection of a social model.

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Petrobas corruption

But that was before the storm unleashed in March 2014 by operation “Lava Jato” (“car wash”). Since then, the empire Petrobras, one of the main engines of the Brazilian economy, collapsed a little more every day. After the constraint resignation of its CEO, Maria das Graças Foster, the energy giant unveiled eight billion dollars in losses in 2014, of which two billion directly related to corruption. Several subcontractors of Petrobras are on the edge of bankruptcy and the social cost of the scandal is not yet definitively established.

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Politically, they are fifty officers, mainly of the Workers Party from which the President Dilma Rousseff, who are accused of taking advantage of this vast system of Petrobas corruption. The head of state is also under pressure, and calls for the resignation of one who was re-elected in January have increased during the mass demonstrations of March and April.

NetNewsTimes looks at the bottom of this insane scandal. Our research illustrate the consequences of Petrobas corruption in a very organized group that would have started in the late 1990s.

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