Relationship routine. What can you do to avoid it?

Relationship routine is a real boredom that can hit any couple which have been together for a while. Nowadays it is quite normal to be tempted or to actually be watching TV series comfortably sited on the sofa and follow the adventures of the same character for long hours. Well, it’s now time consider moving a bit.

I have to admit that doing so as a couple is really nice especially when we share the same passion and the same interests. However, this can easily bring a routine in your relationship and sometimes we have to make some changes. So let’s forget about Game of Thrones and other famous TV shows for a while and get away to enjoy the wonders that surround us. Here are 5 ideas that could help you get away of the relationship routine. Leave the sofa alone and read through to bring back some sparks in your love life.

5 activities that can kill your relationship routine.

1- Cook together.


Instead of ordering pizza or one of these fast foods which are really bad for your health, enjoy this kind of moments together.  Go shopping and cook together a small meal by trying a slightly more complex recipe. Make a couscous, a traditional foreign meal, could be indian or french or a dessert but not just a small cake or fruit salad. Think outside the box and try this together. You will have fun and take pleasure in the taste because you have done it together.

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2- Go to a theater.

Although it’s not a famous place to go out to but can well be interesting and bring some changes. Instead of going to the movies, lean towards the theater by going to one of the rooms you heard about for a long time. You can finally say: “we went to the theater.”

3- Try a new restaurant.

Relationship routine. What can you do to avoid it?

Well, it’s true that cooking is good but eat a small nice meal cooked by a chef at a new restaurant is good too. Try a new restaurant with new flavors and a new card. Educate yourself on sites like Tripadvisor, where you can find the perfect restaurant for such evenings out.

4- Go to an amusement park.

Get your share of thrills, let your adrenaline rise by spending a day in one of the best amusement park. Give yourselves some chills, enjoy  walk around with an ice cream or a candy apple and test some crazy roller coaster. This may bring back some of your childhood memories and make you want to return.

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5- Go for a walk or a ride on bicycle.

Finally, do some sports activities. It’s one of the best ways to spend sometimes, stay in shape and enjoy the day. And it’s much more fun when its done as a couple. Doing sports in the morning gives you a feeling of accomplishment that will put you in a good mood, if this is not the case in general when you get out of the bed. Go run or walk, do some fitness to beef up some parts of your body or go for a bike ride in the forest. You will both enjoy it very much, but don’t over do it otherwise this activity might as well bring you back to a routine.