Military reform has given Russia new superior capabilities compared to those of the EU states. The US military is now worried about those facts.

The Russian army in Syria is better equipped than ever before.

Russian army conducts airstrikes in Syria. They sends bombers in the sky, performed on every few weeks. They also perform random checks of their ever growing army personnel. All these facts sounds as “alarming” for the US army reports the German weekly Der Spiegel.

Russia has radically changed the state of its army. Although priority was given to the modernization of nuclear forces, Moscow has a strong air power even with conventional weapons.

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The head of the US Army in Europe Ben Hodges believes that the “main concern” of the United States revolves around the Russian army systems to block access to a technologically superior enemy with their strategic important facilities. This includes their air defense systems and missile defense systems.

According M.Hodges, in case of conflict, Russia could create areas that would be inaccessible to NATO forces. Thus, the Russian complex “Bastion” is able to sink the ships of the Alliance shortly after a passage on the Bosphorus.

Does USA now fear the Russian Army?

The fears of foreign soldiers are fed by the conclusions of Russian experts. In recent years, Russia has significantly modernized its armed forces, said Vasily Kashin, expert of Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies. Furthermore, it is still planned to modernize 70% Russian weapons for land forces, before the year 2020.

According to the expert, the Russian army has become probably “stronger than all the EU armies gathered together.” Although it is difficult to compete with the United States, Russia pays special attention to its nuclear weapons, whose modernization is booming, says Vasily Kashin.

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In mid-October, the analytical center “European Council on Foreign Relations” presented results of the study of the Russian army reform carried out in Russia. The conclusion of this research showed that under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, the country organized a more rapid modernization of its armed forces since the 1930s.