Sepp Blatter has been re-elected president of FIFA (The Federation International of Football Association) for the fifth time in Zurich.

The masquerade has indeed happened in Zurich.

At the headquarters of FIFA, the 209 federations have proceeded to vote Friday afternoon to elect a new president for the next four years. New president?
Not really because the much criticized Sepp Blatter was re-elected for the fifth time in a row. At 79 years of age, the Swiss will have 83 years when his election will end. His opponent, the Prince Ali, half-brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan has not done as expected.

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However, the Swiss leader Sepp Blatter was not elected in the first round. He collected “only” 133 votes (out of 209), while 170 were needed to close the election. But while the second round would begin, Prince Ali announced his withdrawal from the race, leaving Blatter the opportunity to be re-elected.

Humble beginnings at FIFA for Sepp Blatter

The Swiss joined the Federation in 1975 as director of programs development. FIFA then had only a dozen employees. The story even mention that one day Blatter went to borrow money from a bank to pay the employees salaries. Today, the reserves of the supreme body of the world of soccer is over $ 1.5 billion (1.36 billion euros).

Within 40 years, this sport has gone from virtually crafts to globalized business. A revolution that Blatter has been a part of step by step.

“The Fifa began to grow when the football had become global, universal, he said Friday before the election. Joao Havelange, my predecessor told me: ‘You created a monster.’ It is the marriage of television and the football that has made this economic explosion of FIFA. ”

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For Sepp Blatter, age is not a problem

The chairman of the federation did not hesitate to leap to silence critics linked to his advanced age. “I feel like, for me age is not a problem,” assured the re-elected president during a recent interview with some media.

Four years ago I was asked if it was my last mandate. At that time, I was convinced that it was my last… but things have changed and I changed opinion he added simply.