Sex or smartphones? Here is the disturbing results of a survey. A US company is the source of a survey stating that 29% of Americans would rather be deprived of sex rather than their smartphone. Shocking isn’t it?

Sex or smartphones, this debate is nothing new. We are truly addicted to our smartphones, most of us at least. The level of addiction naturally differs among individuals, but for some of addicts, there are clear reasons to be concerned. In fact, some do not hesitate to support their preference for abstinence at the practice of sex rather than using their smartphone.

Sex or Smartphones, what is your answer?

A survey developed by the company Delvv got to the conclusion that 29% of Americans claim they prefer to completely stop sex over a period of three months, rather than giving up on their smartphone during a short week, according to the Digital Trends website. This shocking news is still in perspective since the survey was only conducted on a group of 355 people over 18 years old.

According to Felice Gabriel, founder of Delvv, a company that says reinventing practices related to the smartphone, such a situation was caused by young adults, the famous Generation Y. Their practices include the two main causes of this mobile phone overuse: fear of boredom and fear of missing information.

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It is not only a phenomenon affecting the United States. Indeed, the United Kingdom would also be impacted by the fact that technology changes behavior towards sex.

“People are less and less making love or having sex. Sexually active couples between 16 to 64 years were interviewed and the median value (the number of sexual intercourse) was 5 times higher in 1990 and 4 times higher in 2000 and three times higher in 2010 “explained the English statistician David Spiegelhalter in the Telegraph on 5 June 2016. According to him, Game of thrones could also be the blame, not just smartphones.

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