The Slow Sex. This word is very fashion these days. You have probably heard of it too, this way of making love that focuses on slow lovemaking. Do you want to try? Here are seven tips that could make your life easier.

1. Accept the slow motion

Before you start, it is important to understand how the “slow sex” can be erotic. This technique is the opposite of the famous “Quicky” that favors drive or desire of a quick orgasm. Here we will instead emphasize the rediscovery of desire by playing with the senses and sensations. Take your time, the pleasure will be even tenfold.

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2. Create the climate

The slow sex is ideally convenient when we have time to do it. Get comfortable and relax, especially not in a hurry. Take a bath before for example not a quick shower. Create a soothing atmosphere with incense, little light or candles and soft music. The first time, the “slow sex” can be disturbing or a little awkward. It is a sexuality that goes against what we usually practice, an immediate satisfaction of our desires. Learn to accept this new way of expressing your love sexually.banner

3. Talk

Talking to each other is also very important in the slow sex. Be attentive to the desire of the other, it is listening and understand what pleases him the most. Even during a massage, do not hesitate to ask your partner when he feels more sensations, where your fingers give him the most pleasure.

4. Look
Slow sex
Many lovers of the slow sex start simply by looking to each other. Lying or sitting face to face, they say tender words and take time to observe, to smile. It all starts with the look.

5. Slow is not boredom

Do not confuse the fact of taking your time with the boredom it could generate. One can be a little naughty, daring some preliminary while being in an absolute slow mode. However sometimes you may break the rhythm with something faster.

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6. Long massages

Massages are at the center of slow sex. Do not neglect them. They are an essential step in building fun and pleasure. Take the time to massage each other in turns of length (minimum 20 minutes). Do not worry about your level of massage. It is above all to be in contact with the body of your partner, with his/her skin, his/her erogenous zones. The massage will often be a game of touch, and that’s fine.

7. The orgasm is not the ultimate goal.

If orgasm is synonym for many sex lovers as ‘successful’, that vision is different with the slow sex. In fact, even if orgasm is the goal, the “slow sex” is more interested on the ways, the paths that will achieve or reach this goal. The pleasure is not limited to the final destination. However, it is all the sensuality that you can have before and this last much longer.

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