Addiction to social networks. Why Facebook and Instagram make us look like losers?

On Facebook and Instagram, we only show the good side of our life. Chosen pieces, pictures or videos that we judge nice and entertaining. How this staging can negatively impact those who are both spectators and actors?

Idyllic beaches, mouthwatering burgers and crazy parties. These are the things we see almost permanently on our Facebook and Instagram timelines. That is because social networks are now defined as personal branding. People only post or reveal what is most likely to salivate our virtual neighbors.

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These unstoppable set of scenes, but also those of others and even ours, can they negatively impact us, build a strong addiction to the social networks or ultimately make us unhappy?

Since the arrival of Facebook and Instagram, I realized that everyone only shows of the side of their life which is good and may seem interesting to others. Taking for example the story of a close friend. Over 2000 friends on Facebook, more than 600 pictures and 360 status. A really cool life! most of his e-friends or should I say virtual friends might think. In real life, he is jobless, went back to leave with his parents and can’t even afford to buy his own cigarettes.

On Instagram, you only have good moments of life almost like a scenario. We must show to more people that our life is cooler than others. In fact, you’re not even allowed to spend a quiet evening at home because other people will show you that they are having a very nice time somewhere… and you are not.

“In other words, the feeling of cool in social networks does not give us a break.

On social networks, Facebook and Instagram lead the way, the most used weapons are short videos and pictures. Amazing photos at the beach, beautiful landscape, selfie with music or football stars and perfect interiors house designed. All components of a virtual psychological warfare of displayed happiness.


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Do not get me wrong here. The idea is not demonize these social networks and new means of communication or socialization. They are great sharing tools, sources of knowledge and information. However, as time goes and the way we actually use them,  it seems that they may turn against us.

Are you a social network addict? Share your thoughts below.

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