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Catalonia: Out of the EU if they become independent

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An "independent" Catalonia would automatically be excluded from the European Union. It could only  be able to join the EU after a new accession process. However, it would still be necessary for this approach to respect certain conditions enabling it to be validated by the 28 members. Which independence for Catalonia? The member states of

United Kingdom to leave the EU

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United Kingdom to leave the EU. Already done or almost? A large majority of British Members of Parliament approved on Tuesday the project of law on the referendum regarding the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Before being adopted, the text still needs to take further legislative steps. The referendum of the United Kingdom

EU: A military operation against traffickers of migrants

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The states members of the European Union will meet Thursday in Brussels for an extraordinary European Council on the crisis of migrants in the Mediterranean. The leaders will try to find an answer regarding the traffickers of migrants. Europe needs on Thursday, April 23 in Brussels a strong response against traffickers of migrants. Its leaders are

EU accuses Google Shopping of search abuse

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The European Union has filed a complaint against Google over its alleged anti-competitive behavior on the search abuse. The competition commissioner said she had issued a "statement of objection", stating that the firm's promotion of its own shopping links amounted to an abuse of its dominance in search. Margrethe Vestager said Google now had 10