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Sepp Blatter re-elected president for the fifth time

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Sepp Blatter has been re-elected president of FIFA (The Federation International of Football Association) for the fifth time in Zurich. The masquerade has indeed happened in Zurich. At the headquarters of FIFA, the 209 federations have proceeded to vote Friday afternoon to elect a new president for the next four years. New president? Not really

German intelligence suspected of spying on European officials for the NSA

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German intelligence is suspected of spying on European officials for the NSA According to the newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" published Thursday, The German intelligence helped the NSA to make "political espionage". New charges that embarrass the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The German intelligence services have been spying since 2008 French senior officials and the European Commission

A terrorist attack thwarted in Paris

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French police arrested a man suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Paris against "one or two churches," the French Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve. The man, aged 24, is an Algerian national who is a computer science student living in France for several years. he was known to the security services having expressed

French court overturns ban on racist cakes

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France’s top administrative court overturned a ruling on Thursday banning a baker in the south of France from displaying “racist” cakes in his shop window. The court’s decision comes as a victory for Yannick Tavolaro, who has sold the so-called “God” and “Goddess” cakes – which depict men and women confected out of dark chocolate

Four Held At UK Airport Over ‘Terrorism’

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Four people have been arrested at Manchester Airport on suspicion of terrorism after being deported from Turkey. The arrests are part of an investigation into nine family members, including four children, who were detained by the Turkish authorities for allegedly trying to illegally enter Syria. One of that group, Waheed Ahmed, was detained in Birmingham on Tuesday