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New Mafia techniques: Less murders, more corruption

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Traditional Italian mafias are now focusing on corruption instead of violence. Focusing on an "infiltration strategy" of economic, political and institutional circles, analyzed Tuesday the head of the Investigative Directorate Antimafia (DIA), Nunzio Antonio Ferla. The killings perpetrated by criminal organizations have "declined sharply for 10/15 years". However the mafias are "extraordinarily skilled in adapting

A terrorist attack thwarted in Paris

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French police arrested a man suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Paris against "one or two churches," the French Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve. The man, aged 24, is an Algerian national who is a computer science student living in France for several years. he was known to the security services having expressed

The first French arms deliveries arrive in Lebanon

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After months of waiting, Lebanon receives on Monday, its first cargo of French weapons bought with a Saudi donation as part of a comprehensive plan to modernize the armed forces of the country. France launches Monday with first deliveries of weapons, funded by a Saudi donation of three billion dollars (2.78 billion euros), a comprehensive