The G-spot exist, and it has been proven by scientists. How to find it is a different question and it would be a shame not to enjoy it.

Here are five tips to find your G-spot.

Guaranteed Orgasm

The G-spot, myth or reality? Finally, science is on our side: its existence is definitively proven. This is a particularly erogenous zone, on which stimulation causes orgasm, exactly like the clitoris. The size of a coin, it is located in the vagina to a depth between 1 and 4 centimeters. Stimulated, this “erectile tissue” swells and causes vaginal orgasms more powerful, according to specialists, the clitoral orgasms. A very good reason to go looking for it!

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The search of the G-spot, solo…

To enjoy great sex, better know your body perfectly. While it is easy to find your clitoris and caresses that boost, as it is more difficult to reach your G-spot. Located on the front of the vagina (the side of the stomach, to put it simply), it is not easily accessible. By inserting a finger up to the second knuckle, then folding it slightly, you should find it. However,  it is very discreet when the atmosphere is not appropriate. It will reveal easily when you’ll already be excited and stimulated by a sex toy or vibrator.

Or better, duo

These gentlemen are not always aware of it or do not necessarily want to go looking for him. It is up to you to convince your man because a sexually satisfied women will prove her gratitude. Undertake this quest at two will be more effective because your excitement will make this sensitive G-spot easier to locate. In addition, Mr. Penis is the best instrument to print a back and forth movement and stimulate the erogenous zone gently. The fact of controlling the penetration and taking your time precisely on this spot will be a very erotic play and will last your pleasure. By riding your partner from the back, you bring his penis directly on your G-spot

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Some training

Also the erogenous clitoris, the G-spot could achieve powerful orgasms. As with many things, this type of use requires some training. Learn to play with your G-spot alone, with your fingers or a sex toy. You can stimulate it directly to quickly climb to seventh heaven. Or, you can take your time to find out what you like, how it makes you feel and enjoy it better.

Vary the pleasures

Many couples prefer to play with the G-spot by gentle penetration, before moving to deeper penetration thereafter. Stimulating your G-spot can be done with a caress among others, to orgasm. Discover your G-spot is not a reason to neglect your other erogenous zone, the clitoris! Why not adopt positions that stimulate both at the same time, like doggy or you on top? Double guaranteed effect for even more fun!